ERP Software for the Wine & Spirit industry

Veryko Solutions designs and develops software specifically for the wine and spirit industry. With our experience of the complexities involved in the industry, we have crafted a solution that is flexible, comprehensive and innovative. More importantly, our solution delivers very tight integration with SAP ERP systems including S/4HANA.

The company and the solution have evolved progressively since 2002.  We now have an established base of clients running the software in South Africa, Spain and the USA. (Include Flags)

We are located in the heart of the Winelands of the Western Cape, South Africa.

The Solution

Veryko software is written in ABAP, the native language of SAP ERP  and the source code is accessible to the customer and can be debugged and repaired by the customer in emergency situations.

Our solution is highly configurable and accommodates a wide range of possible configurations of SAP ERP.  It is also fully integrated with and essentially resides within the ERP system. Our policy is to provide many points within the process where customers can insert their own code to implement custom features including additional fields, specific data checks, custom updates and interfaces to other systems.  Customers are able to change the standard software but this is discouraged as it is rarely needed.  Veryko Solutions has one area of focus and a small number of customers, which has the benefit that we regularly incorporate customer requests into the standard release.

Product Highlights


Manage your bulk wine supply chain with real-time views of vintage runout, taking account of all forms of supply such as planned grape and wine purchases and wine in various stages of production.  Plan the vintage changeover of bottling runs based on the available bulk supply.  Users working with any component such as a vineyard block, tank or contract, have visibility of- and can change its allocated use.


Enhanced functionality to manage grape and wine procurement across vintages is focused on the special needs of the industry, including appellation and assessment of bonuses and penalties and other adjustments and fees. Detailed vineyard block information is available, and blocks can be contracted individually.


Use our rough-cut weekly harvest plan to level capacity across crush facilities, and the detailed daily harvest schedule to plan harvest activities.  Real-time grape maturity information and end-use planning allocations are integrated into these transactions. Grape and wine receipts can be interfaced to scale equipment and enhanced with custom functions to meet local wine authority requirements.


Our solution covers all the important winemaking processes such as: pressing; fermentation; maturation; cellar movements; blending; bottle fermentation.  All transactions are fully integrated with SAP ERP functions for complete cost and inventory management. Transactions related to spirits are tracked in alcohol content as well as volume, including correction for temperature factors.

Quality Analysis

SAP QM functions are conveniently integrated into our transactions so that analysis results can be requested, recorded or viewed directly from vineyard blocks, tanks, vendor lots and blends.


All movements are designed to make use of full batch traceability, which can be analysed using the standard SAP functions or our enhanced graphic displays.  The batch trace is also used to calculate wine composition.